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fotoThe candidate must have the qualification of Social Worker, issued by a State- recognized university (Article 5, Law 53,/1977).

Procedure for applications

  • An application of registration must be made on a standard form, in which line 1 must indicate whether it is for a first registration, a duplicate, or a renewal.
  • Social Workers must complete the registration with the most complete information possible, so that the Council 's database can be correctly maintained. t the Counil 's database can be correctly maintained.
  • It is recommended that applicants should read the instructions carefully before they sign the completed form. (See application form,) or (download solicituddeinscripcion.Zip).The application must be presented with the following supporting documents, as appropriate:

For registration

  • Completed registration form
  • Certified enlarged photocopy of Colombian ID
  • Certified copy of diploma (showing Folio and Book references legibly), or degree record, in A7 / A4 size
  • Two identical document-size color photographs, white background, 3x4 cm
  • Original receipt for payment of the registration fee.

For a duplicate:

  • Completed application for duplicate registration
  • Photocopy of the police report, if the original was lost
  • Enlarged photocopy of Colombian ID
  • Professional registration number, or photocopy of approval for it
  • Two identical document-size color photographs, white background, 3x4 cm
  • Original of the receipt payment of the duplicate fee

For renewal:

  • Completed application for renewal
  • Enlarged photocopy of Colombian ID
  • Photocopy of the expired professional registration, or approval certificate
  • Two identical document-size color photographs, white background 3x 4 cm
  • Original receipt for payment of the renewal fee.

Note: Photographs may not be l snapshots

  • Good-quality digital photographs are recommended

The renewal of a professional registration will allow the Council to have fresh contact with the Social Worker, who will provide it with valuable information on professional practice. This will in turn provide the possibility for consideration of other issues regarding the intervention of Social Workers in Colombian social realities, at local, regional and national levels. Further, the profession will have first-hand information, which will facilitate consultation and reflection on topics of interest for professional practice.

The Social Worker must process the application for professional registration personally. If the applicant is outside the town, the application may be sent by certified mail, addressed to the Council's address. The time allowed for processing professional registration applications is the 30 working days, counting from the date on which the registration application is recorded as received.

The Council will send the Social Worker the internacional registration, also by certified mail, to the address indicated in the application. This professional registration is personal and non-transferable, for use in all acts of practice of the profession, which must be supported by the holder´s signature and professional registration number.