DECREE 2833/1981

(October 9)

Regulating Law 53/1977

The President of the Republic of Colombia, in exercise of his powers under Sections 120.3 and 132 of the Constitution


Article 1. In the terms of law 53/1977, "Social Work" is understood to be profession in the area of the social sciences which performs activities related to welfare and social development policy. The principal duties of the profession of in social work are:

a) To take part in the creation, planning, execution, the administration and regulation of social welfare and development programs;

b) To take part in the formulation and evaluation of State and private policy for social welfare and development;

c) To conduct research which will identify and explain social realities;

d.) To organize groups and individuals to take part in social development plans and programs;

e.) To collaborate in the selection, formation, of supervision and evaluation of staff engaged in social welfare and development programs; and

f) To take part in the treatment of problems related to the individual, to groups and to the community, applying the techniques proper to the profession.

Article 2. Only those who possess qualifications as Social Workers or equivalent, issued as required by the law or an institution of higher education duly recognized by the State, and further, who have obtained registration at the National Social Work Council, may practice the profession of Social Work.

Article 3. The registration of qualifications obtained in Colombia will be governed by the term of Decree 2725/1980, as supplemented, amended or substituted. Qualifications obtained abroad require the acceptance of diplomas and registration by the higher education authority ICFES, in accordance with Decree 1074/1980, as supplemented, amended or substituted

Article 4. The registration at the National Social Work Council will require the presentation of:

a). A written application;

b). cument accrediting registration of a qualification.

Paragraph. Social Workers who have obtained their qualification prior to the effective date of this Decree will apply for registration to the National Social Work Council.

Article 5. The National Social Work Council will, within 30 working days, decide on applications for registration. If an application is accepted, it will issue a document to certify the fact.

Article 6. Supervision and control of observance of Articles 3 and 4 of Law 53/1977, and those related to this Decree, will be exercised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Article 7. The sanctions referred to in Section 8 a) of Law 53/1977 will be imposed subject to study of complaints made, taking account of the nature and gravity of the offence, and of the personal and professional background of the person responsible. Sanctions will be: a) verbal warning; or b) public warning, by motivated resolution.

Article 8. The recourse of the request for revocation of Decree 2733/1959 will be the only means of appeal against decisions of the National Social Work Council.

Article 9. Companies are obliged to contract Social Workers in the proportion of one for every 500 permanent employees, and one for a fraction of for each fraction of 200 or more full-time employees, to comply with the terms of Article 4 of Law 53/1977 .

Article 10. The decisions of the National Social Work Council require the favorable vote of an absolute majority of members.

Article 11. The qualifications of Social Worker and of Graduate Specialist, Magister and Doctor in Social Work, may only be issued by higher education institutions specifically authorized by the State to do so.

Article 12. The Government will allocate the budget funds as required for the foundation for the functioning of the National Social Work Council, through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Article 13. This Decree takes effect from the date of its promulgation

Be this communicated, published and obeyed
Given in Bogotá, October 9, 1981

President of the Republic,
Julio Cesar Turbay

Minister of Labor and Social Security,
Maristella Sanin de Aldana

Minister of Public Health. ,
Alfonso Jaramillo

Minister of Education,
Carlos Albán

Taken from Diario Oficial Issue 35876 of Tuesday, November 3, 1981, textual transcription.